People Win With Qwick-AID

Qwick-AID at the 2016 Olympics in Rio


“Thank you @QwickAIDSports for allowing me to do my job with the best product on the market #loveqwickaid"

-Steven Riley - Professional Cutman

“As a Cut woman Qwick-AID is one of my best tools. As I only use natural products QA is one of the first ones I reach for each and every time I step into the cage or ring whichever combat sports it is. I continue only to use the best natural products available.”

-Jessica Isaacson - Professional Cutwoman


"There's no other product I'd use other than @qwickaid for lacerations. You'll never see my wrist band without it."

-Liam Bowes - Professional Cutman

“We discovered Qwick-AID during an official IMMAF cutman course alongside Joseph Clifford (Irish Cutman), and since then our French Cutmen Team only use the Qwick-AID natural hemostatic compress to treat wounds in our corner.”

-Franck Romeo - Professional Cutman


"I was the Cutman for a fighter from Argentina we won 10 round WBC Lightweight Title. He got a good cut 2nd Round and I used the Qwick-AID patch for the remaining 8 rounds to save the fight, no fuss, no mess with Qwick-AID - it did the job. The patch helped save this fight and 2 others I had on the card that night. "

-Bill Campbell - Professional Cutman

“In a fight we have 50 seconds to stop the cut, to stop the bleeding to save the fight and the fighter. As a cut man it is very important to always have Qwick-AID in my kit. The Qwick-AID bandage, a natural hemostatic is accepted by the IMMAF, UFC, by everyone. It is for all the sports where you can have problems bleeding. And as you know Qwick-AID is one of the best!”

-Nelu Stoian - Professional Cutman


"My fiancé is a fighter so I am passionate in making sure that all fighters receive the highest level of care. I feel it is a duty and obligation to provide this."

-Nic Vicarey – Cutwoman

More Testimonials

Jacob “Stitch” Duran

World Famous Boxing, MMA & UFC Cutman

Since I only have 50-55 seconds to work on a fighter in between rounds Qwick-AID is highly effective in the time allowed to me to treat a wound.

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Liam Bowes

Professional Cutman

When treating any laceration I use the natural hemostatic agent Qwick-AID.

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Jessica Isaacson

Professional Cutwoman

As a Cut woman Qwick-AID is one of my best tools.

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Steve Riley


Thank you for your amazing product. I use it with all the fighters I look after in MMA and Boxing. I will never use anything else.

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Don House

Official Cut Man for UFC and WEC events

‘When it comes to cuts, I have to say that Qwick Aid is a fantastic product! I am a believer and full-time user of this product as a Cutman for the UFC and in Boxing.’

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Greg Smith

MS. ATC, Head Athletic Trainer for the Washington Capitals

After repeated use, I can confidently say that Qwick-AlD is far superior to any other product I have used.

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Marcos Rua

Reigning Undisputed Val Tudo Brazilian Champ

Qwick-AID bandages are extremely effective.

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Jeremy Daughaday

USA Hockey level 4 coach

If it weren’t for the Qwick-AID bandage my teammate would have had to go to the hospital immediately, this is truly an amazing product!

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Rob Monroe

Professional Cutman at the highest level of MMA

Accidents happen in gyms everyday and no reputable facility should be without it.

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Mike Patterson

Lifetime Athlete

After experiencing the Qwick-AID difference I have no reason to go back to any other kind of bandage

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Nick ‘The Mercenary” Moghaddam

Professional MMA fighter/trainer

I applied the Qwick-AID bandage and it immediately stopped the bleeding.

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David Ingamells

Boxing Gym-Owner

Keeping Qwick-AID on hand during training and sparring sessions, as well as on hand for all fight events should be a priority for the protection and safety of all fighters.

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Jim Casas

3rd degree Ju-jitsu black belt

I highly recommend Qwick-AID to be a part of every cut man’s kit as well as every MMA gym.

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Gary Ballard

U2 Level Fighter

I am thoroughly impressed with Qwick-AID and I highly recommend it for everyone who is fighting or learning how to fight.

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